Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dateline NBC

Slow Friday night at the Gormans'.  I ended up watching this Dateline NBC episode guessed it......a mysterious death that wasn't quite what it seemed.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole hour.  "They seemed like the Ideal American Family.......until one day"


Distorteddogma said...

"They were always such a quiet family, kept mostly to themselves, but seemed happy at community functions..."
Be Well

Vince Gorman said...

Haha, exactly. His voice is like a mix of Chris Hansen and Vincent Price.

CGI Johnny said...

lol. Gotta love it. I would get sucked into those all the time by saying, "I'll just watch a little bit.... I mean it's the same story every time....(2 minutes later) ok maybe just a bit more....(5 minutes later) OH MY GOD! What a twist. I never saw that coming. I thought it was the dad for sure! (2 hours later) Damn it... I watched another one."