Monday, July 19, 2010

Figure drawing class - July 18

Well, it was good to be back, drawing in a classroom setting. The charcoal drawings were quick 30 second poses, and the pencils were 5-10 min poses.  If you want to draw better and there is a figure drawing class open in your area, I highly recommend going.  I knew I should be going pretty regularly, but I always found some excuse not to. By the way, this is a just a portion of the drawings, there are plenty of crappy ones, too.

I forget the exact quote, but Glen Keane or Art Babbit, someone said,
 "Every animator has at least a hundred bad drawings in them. Once you get them out, you can start making the good ones."

*Perhaps someone can help me out with the exact quote?


Nat said...

some good sketches here that capture the movement and pose. I wish our college did more focus on gesture drawing in lifedrawing classes.

CGI Johnny said...

I should have taken some quick drawing classes in college. I feel like i didn't get all the skills I needed to do animation. That's what I get for going to a college that doesn't offer animation degrees :P Great drawings. You really captured the movements and poses with really simple sketches.

☼FunSunGrl☼ said...

Awesome drawing!

Striker said...

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TheZealot said...

Ah yes - I heard the quote from Glen Keane, on the brochure for animation employment at Disney in early 1990, "Every animator has 100,000 bad drawings in their system - once they get them out, they can start to make great drawings." I'm paraphrasing, but that's it.

Giblizer said...

Nice drawings..keep it up