Thursday, November 15, 2012


(updated in COLOR!)


Catie Atkinson said...

Hi there!
I love your blog! Love you work as always! Just to give you a heads up, I've chosen you as one of my nominees for the Leibster award! Find out more here:
Have fun! Catie x

Vincent Gorman said...

Thanks for the nice words Catie! And thank you for the nomination. I'll have to research the Leibster Award and see what it's all about.

Jake Walters said...

This is a remarkable piece of art. By the way, I am going to go ahead and bookmark this blog to check out later on. Thank you for sharing this with us. Keep up the excellent work.

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CGI Johnny said...

I love to see other artists' sketchbooks. Been checking out your stuff for over a year now. Best wishes and luck.

ahmed medhat said...