Friday, September 14, 2012

animation desk

I had some free time in between jobs recently so I decided to finally build the animation desk I've been planning to build.  It's based roughly on a desk I used at Duncan studio.  I added some extra slots for more tilt options, and offset the disc a bit to allow space on the right for xsheets or character reference.  Most discs have the top and bottom pegbars.  I opted for just the one, since most people really only use one or the other.  This allowed slightly more room so I could cut in a slightly bigger piece of plexiglass.  The hardest part was cutting the dovetail joint for the ruler to slide into.  The angle on the ruler is flatter than any dovetail drill bit on the market.  So thanks to a handy family member who grinded the bit down enough to cut the perfect slot.  I'm very happy with it and look forward to animating on it.