Monday, January 14, 2008

Blocking for skull thievery

Here's a small preview of what I'm working on right now and I thought I put it on the blog and get some feedback before going into more breakdowns and polishing the animation. It's rough right now because I want to make sure that the emotions are clear and the idea is playing out right before i get to far into animation. One guy makes 3 attempts to get this skull. Each time he fails he gets more frustrated. This is attempt 2... Check back in a day or two for more progress

UPDATE: attempt #1 (blocking as well)is the right video


Anonymous said...

Looks great man. Only thing I can see that needs work on is the last step or two when he is frustrated.
Although that might be cleaned up with more animation tweaks as you move forward. Good work man.

TheZealot said...

Though we should talk about it in person, as a blocking pass it is nice. The action is clear. I think seeing more thought process is the challenge before you, as well as developing more joint breaking to give the movement some fluidity - which is exactly what I'm working on!

Anonymous said...

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