Thursday, August 30, 2007


First of all, there are no right or wrong colors, but I think there are colors that just seem to work so well together. Color is a ongoing challenge for me. As soon as I think I've got it all figured out, I find a new color struggle. I look at it like a relationship of color, give and take, colors have to be in agreement and harmony. I tend to desaturate colors in order to get all of my colors in agreement with each other, but I learned with this illustration (and others) that obviously you can take it too far and you end up with a lifeless scheme. Of course colors will agree when they are so desaturated that they almost become the same color of gray. When everything is desaturated it's all 'give' and no take. So, as I began to (take) add some saturation into certain colors and areas, life and energy began to creep back into my colors. I guess I look at it like a hierarchy of color. There are one or two important color 'leaders', and then every other color has to support those leaders, but also do there own job in the right amount. If there's too much agreement....boring. Get some rebel colors in there to spice it up. All right, ultimately, formulas/books/strategies only get you so far, the magic comes from your departure from that. I did this a while ago and revisited the colors, recently. Hope you like what I came up with. This is more about me figuring this stuff out for myself by writing it all down, but I'd really love to hear some other people's approach to color as well. That is, assuming that people are reading this.


Amy Kingman said...

I struggle with colors as well. I LOVE earth tones and have to consciously make myself use other colors. If I use bright colors, it's usually in sort of a monochromatic way with one other color to punch up where I'd like your eye to be drawn. This is definitely a constant learning area for me.

Anonymous said...

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