Monday, December 27, 2010


Some of you that know me may know that I have a rare condition called 'Documentia'.  My documentia was acting up over this holiday weekend and so I drew this. 

Before you go feeling sorry for me or feel the urge to start a fund-raising foundation, you should understand that this condition isn't a bad's actually not even a real condition, I just like watching documentaries, and while I was watching, I was doodling, it's a side effect of my Documentia medication.

This drawing was inspired by the "Radiant Child" documentary.  Any good documentaries you would recommend?


Insert pseudonym here said...

anything by Michael Moore.. Sicko is my favourite! The oscar winning The Cove is heart wrenching, but fantastic. I'm sorry I'm if i'm of no help! all my real favourites are British on BBC3 if you can watch them!


Vince Gorman said...

Sicko was very interesting, I'll have to check out "The Cove", I saw that it's available on Netflix instant. Thanks for the recommendation!

TheZealot said...

"Touching the Void", "Paper Clips". Though I haven't seen it, I'm looking forward to seeing Morgan Spurlock's, "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold".
Love me some documentary.