Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Animation Quest Continues in Los Angeles

After years of practice, drawing, animating, researching, planning, pondering and patience....I'm officially making the move to Animation Town (Los Angeles). Tons of new challenges, adventures, struggles, and achievements lie ahead. I've got a VFX and animation job lined up and I start right away. Now, I feel is a time to celebrate the little victory of making the big leap and thank everyone who has a been supportive and helped me get to this point. (Which is probably everyone reading this blog) So, THANK YOU!

Bombingscience did a great interview with a friend of mine. Known as "6Cents", his graffiti is top notch, so if you aren't familiar, check out the interview and familiarize.

There will be plenty of posts to come, but in the meantime, here is a drawing I did a while ago that I thought looked like Andreas Deja, Disney animator extraordinaire. I also wanted to expand my color palette and try to get away from the typical colors I usually go for. So, to do this, I sampled colors from a really vibrant illustration with a broad color range, done by Sylvain Marc, and applied them to my drawing. It's rough, but just wanted to mix up the way I think about color.


Dan Baldwin said...

Vince!!!! Congratulations! Ludwick told me you were moving out to LA. I'm excited for you and know your drive and talent will reward you in your future. Think of us in Indiana when it is 12 degrees here, and 82 in LA.

Wish nothing but the best for you!

Short attention span? said...

Congratulations Vince. Amy told me you were moving and I think it is a great move for you and your career. You will get to experience so much more in that environment.

Much success and good luck.

Vince Gorman said...

Thanks for the kind words guys. I will definitely not forget my compadres suffering in the tundra of Indiana winter. Come visit anytime and get some sun.

TheZealot said...

Congrats Vince! You may be in California, but you're still a Hoosier. That sounds so corny - I think I'll work in a script somewheres.